Our Story

Arlington Skatium is the largest roller skating facility in Texas. We serve both the Dallas and Fort Worth communities and are one of the newest and cleanest facilities around.

We’ve been a part of the community for 25 years and recently went through more than $250,000 in renovations. Skaters can now enjoy an upgraded lighting system from Constellation Lighting that features all colors of the rainbow, themed lighting for events, dimming capabilities, and of course black lighting to make sure you glow in neon. We also upgraded our sound system, added a new message board sign, LED lights, new carpet, 2 state of the art pizza ovens, and lots more.


When you skate at Alrington Skatium, you will be inline skating where famous singers like Bow Wow and Ludacris have performed. You will experience a roller rink with the latest technology. You will have the opportunity to skate your heart out, play video games, and host private parties during public skating times.

Unique to Arlington Skatium, is our ability to host private parties on our special events rink during weekend hours. It is a scaled down version of the main rink and can hold up to 50 skaters. If something larger suits your party style, we also offer our main skating facility that can hold up to 1,000 skaters.


When you combine our modern and updated skating facility with our wonderful staff and South Arlington location, you have the ultimate skating facility. We take pride in putting smiles on the faces of our guests and our relentless pursuit in entertaining our community.

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